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American Water Resources of Texas (in the Mail)

Homeowners in Frisco and surrounding areas may be receiving a Mailer about Insurance for your water line running through your property.  It looks like a formal notice and is very clever.  It is just another attempt to play on your emotions, and may not be the best thing for you.  Nothing is for Free and $5.00/ month may seem like a great deal, but buyer beware.   There are several companies out there doing similar things, and all have their drawbacks.  They do some how have a BBB record, but just to be clear, you have to pay money to have a listing with the BBB.  I have one and it costs me $400 plus every year.  I have had dealings with similar insurance companies.  I cannot speak directly about this company, other than below,  but check out this link.  http://www.ripoffreport.com/home-warrantee-companies/american-water-resco/american-water-rescources-insu-e6dyy.html  We hear nothing but complaints from American home shield customers.  They cover plumbing in your house with a warranty.  $60.00 gets them out, and it had better be a perfect install by the original plumbers (no such thing as a perfect install), so the plumber then collects his $60.00 and gives you a bid to fix it (usually $$$$$$).  On water heaters they usually get the insurance company to cover the cost of the water heater, but you have to pay for the code upgrades.  In many many cases the code upgrade charges cost you more than what I can put a whole water heater, permits, labor, and material in for.  Our total cost to you for a natural gas water heater in the Garage is $1,100.00 with everything.  In the attic $1,300.00.  This is a new shut off valve, pan, flex connectors, permits, expansion device, etc.  As far as water lines in your front yard.  I just got off the phone with American water, and they only cover the line itself and not any of the valves, they may be able to add that on for more money.  I also asked to verify any licenses that they may have in the area, and they would not release that.  Chances are you will be getting the bottom of the barrel.  Typical yard line repairs, (the Band aid approach) can range from $175.00 to $450.00 in this area.  I doubt they will do anything but simple repairs with this insurance.  In my opinion, save your Money for something useful.

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