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Why My toilet doesn’t Flush right

Toilets over the years have not changed much, but in 1993 the Government decided that they could only operate with 1.6 Gallons per flush.  The industry was not ready and we had over a decade of Toilets not flushing right.  We as consumers have just gotten used to Plunging, and dealing with it.  You do not have to deal with this anymore.  There are a few different manufacturers that have solved the problems.  The biggest issue as mentioned in the video is the Size of the opening at the bottom of the bowl and where the water goes into the bowl from the tank.  In my opinion, the best flushing toilet currently on the market is the American Standard brand and specifically the “Champion 4 series”.  Some Plumbers argue this, but you need to understand something, these toilets are extra heavy, and weigh more than most toilets.  This has been a complaint from other plumbers,  so if you have a Plumber that is looking for the fastest, cheapest, easiest way to install a toilet,  this toilet is not for them.  However, if you want something that flushes very well.  I suggest you watch the video below.  They used to have a comparison video side by side with Kohler’s best flushing toilet (JUNK), but had to take it down from what I hear, due to Kohler threats.


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